Demand (or lead) generation is the focus on marketing programmes that are targeting specific buyer personas within your market audience, aiming to source and influence deals by familiarising your prospects with your products and services.

Tactics within demand generation programmes include webinars, events, landing pages for your content, telemarketing and measured within a company's CRM system. Elements of demand generation programmes such as lead nurturing, drip feeding of content, and lead scoring can be implemented via a marketing automation add-on to your company's CRM system.

Over the past few years I have run various demand generation programmes, I have hosted webinars, and I have implemented marketing automation systems for software companies helping them to build a healthy pipeline for sales people, and hit their revenue targets.

Let me help you in your demand generation programmes with my experience of marketing software products around workflow, BPM, digital business, accounting, payroll, expenses, HR, fundraising, and others.