Digital marketing is a vast field for any software/technology company. It's about marketing your products and services to your audience via any digital medium, be that digital advertising, online videos, social media...the list goes on.

My experience includes search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click ads (PPC), with achievements including hitting the top 3 organic search positions AND knowledge box positions for strategic keywords (for example BPM software and BPMS).

I have also established social media strategies, with associated company policies for best practice and avoiding blunders (note, I hold an MBA from the University of Wales, focusing on social media for B2B marketing).

Webinars and online videos are also key to grab the attention of your prospective buyers. Combined with customer advocacy programmes, these tactics can be the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy for company growth (both from new business and also existing customers).

Check out below an example of webinar I run with a customer as a guest speaker, in addition to an industry advisor.